These morning routine hacks can get you ready for a productive day

I see you, July! It's a new month, people!

It's full of new hopes and new challenges! If you're like me, I am pretty sure you want to kick off the month feeling fine ma meh! But we all have busy days, I-want-to-stay-in-bed days, and I don’t-know-what-the-hell-i-am-doing-today days. Yet there are always things to do, people to see, places to go and responsibilities to see too. It can get crazy managing all our life commitments.

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5 non-negotiables of a 30-year-old

So, finally, 30 happened to me! Raise your glass to all the 87 borns out here! We’ve come far! In the coming weeks that led to my birthday on June 12th, I was ready to turn up and act the fool one last time to close out on the 20’s but it turned out to be a solemn one. Firstly, because it was a gloomy Monday and I had so much to do at the office and also because it was a Monday.

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"Do you suffer from smiling depression?" by Jennifer Savedge

I thought this was a pretty apt description of what depression looks like today. Too many people walking around hiding behind a smile. The truth is most of us are too preoccupied now to notice what is behind that look of perfection. I thought this article by Jenn Savedge "Do you suffer from smiling depression?"  names a thing that's hard to decipher.

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FICTION: Chapter 13 : Petra

She reached out on the other side of the bed for the third time that night. It felt cold and the frame of the bed seemed wider than it had in the past. She knew it would be. She also already knew that it was empty. Her eyes were forced shut, desperately working herself to an induced sleep without the sleeping pills she had been taking for the past 3 months.

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FICTION: Chapter 11- Babs

Babs wasn’t afraid on the first day at her job at the film company. If anything, she felt the excitement. She wasn’t afraid ten years ago, when Kay told her she was going to abort her baby, so she could go back to school. When she had to sit in the hospital lobby and wait out the procedure. They had told no one about the pregnancy. Having scraped up just enough money, only Babs and Kate knew how frightening the ordeal had been. Kate could hardly keep herself together. It took Babs strong grip that calmed her. Babs was like that. She possessed a silent strength that emitted calm to those around her.

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Review : Why Wonder Woman is a relevant movie for our times

So over the last week, I have read rave reviews of the much anticipated 2017 film, Wonder Woman. The superhero movie is tearing the box office apart. The critics are calling it possibly the best superhero movie of all time, the comeback, the redemption of the DC comics.[insert loud melodramatic mel-gibson-brave-heart-shout-for-freedom-type-of-music]
So when fellow blogger and friend Joseph Kuire asked me to catch the film with him last weekend, I had to go see it for myself.

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