Lemon Water magic!


I've always liked lemons. Whether it’s the flavour of a sweet, deodorant or for cooking. But water? Not so much. But it's hard not to see the effect lack of water is having on my body. Not so great. So I think trying lemon water became more of a fun thing to do than really about its health benefits. I was hesitant, initially, because I thought it would be too acidic for me since I have been treated for ulcers in the past.
However! I think God is always working in my favour. Apparently, lemon acts like an alkaline in the body and causes no harm at all, even on an empty stomach. I’m not going to bore anyone with the obvious health benefits people know. I’ll just share my experience so far.

*A settled tummy*: It’s been about three weeks now since I started taking lemons with warm water in the morning and just taking it with tea and I must say, It’s a great start to the morning and a gets me ready to exercise. I normally deal with tummy upsets in the morning for no real reason. It takes me about 20 minutes using the bathroom to finally get settled. Well, that’s changed since i started using lemon water. It leaves a comforting feel in your mouth and tummy just in time for you to go about your morning routine.

*Zero Body pains*: I am the crankiest person when I wake up in the morning and it is really no fault of mine. I simply have a perpetual back pain and cramps in my feet. I literally have to walk very slowly and stretch a bit before i get going. Of course, it would be totally impossible to work out with this type of pain. But lemon water helps to keep the pain in my joints less stiff and easy to move when i wake up. I certainly have more energy and walking is no more an ordeal!

*fewer hunger pangs*: My diet has always been an issue. I am still working on snacking better. I usually skip breakfast which, of course, makes you hungrier for needlessly big lunch. An unhealthy cycle. So when i can’t get my hands on a snack in between breakfast time and lunch, i just make some tea with... ding! lemons! It keeps me going till I am ready to break for lunch. I don’t feel starved this way and i am able to control my portions better!

*healthier weight*: I am really yet to see the full effect of drinking lemon water and exercising on my weight. I will say that i am feeling very light and more sprightly than I have ever felt. Have i already said that? Sorry. There is a sense of compactness my body is being reshaped in and if the lemon water has anything to do with that, then hallelujah!

*healthier skin*: Research has it that lemon water is also great for skin care. Although my skin is looking better than it has in years. I think a lot more things are connected here than just lemon water. For one thing, a lot of mental exercises i am doing now is helping me stress less. Physical exercise also means i drink a lot of -water- lemon water, i mean. This keeps me well hydrated and you all know what that does for the skin!

My experiences have been great, to be honest, and I can only see them getting better if i am consistent with lemon water. There are of course other great benefits of lemon and there are more creative ways to use lemon for healthier benefits.

I will bring more of that along with your way very soon!