Sex tapes and powerlessness

Some days you wake up and everything you see on the internet makes you angry. Apart from the fact that my dress got ripped on my way to work,  I see Tiwaa Savage is still dealing with the damage after last week's marital drama. Hang in there, darling. That's another matter completely.  THEN!!  I go through my facebook feed  and I see there is yet another sex tape coming out from KNUST. woohoo! A tape that from the news I am reading, was viewed via a big screen for the pleasure of the entire school populace. Yes, human beings decided that they will show a someone's sex tape so that everyone can get in on it. I mean, why get it on a pendrive or via whatsapp when we can grab some popcorn and chillax on some good porn on a big screen! Oh yea!


Oh no and OUR future leaders and world-changers did not stop there, KNUST students decided to go on a hunt of the 'scandalous' female who by no surprise, is the only face you can see on the video. Me, right now eh, i am confused. As a woman i don't even know who or what i am supposed to be or what i am supposed to stand for . I am losing faith in humanity.

You show a sex tape on LIVE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I won't talk about the depravity of human beings since there are also people beheading other people somewhere in the world. What is irking me most is that, the school authorities or someone thinks it's  a bright idea to find the female and her partner in the video and punish them for... what exactly??

Lights, camera action! And so at that darkly hour, the patrons after enjoying the big-screen romp, decided although it was a well-recorded filming, the WOMAN needed to punished . and in troops they chanted and screamed blood, "we for find 'em or we no go bed!"

I am being completely sacrcastic if you cannot tell. First of all, after my time in the ghanaian tertiary setting, I know that no matter how many sex videos come out and all the talk and shaming that goes on. People are  still going to make more of those, we cannot explain that to anyone. That is a choice. Cool

But I am REALLY tired of female-shaming. It really is too much! Lord have mercy! Why are you looking for the lady? To ask her what precisely?  Unless she and her partner were the ones who gave a go-ahead to have a public viewing, which should be against school rules, then i don't see why they have to be found or punished for anything.Who organised the public viewing? That's what i want to know.

Unless it was intentional to release the video, i think its is pretty damning enough to have everyone partake in your sexcapade, especially  if it was supposed to be a private affair and now, you are the only face we can see up there.

Perhaps it is the excitment, you know, getting off on someone's 'mishap'. And with sex tapes, for some reason it never gets old. It is just wrong that the natural inclination is to attack the female party involved. She is the one in trouble, she is the one who has lost something. She's has effed up.Sigh.

As a woman I feel violated every time this happens. I can't help but take it personally. I don't know this girl, I certainly haven't and will not see this tape just like all others. But damn, here goes another girl on the slab, who is going to be villified in every way for acts she did not commit alone. She will be shamed and insulted for being the one woman caught on tape. It makes me feel helpless as a woman.  I am ranting now because breaking this down will take effort and energy that has to go into something more positive.

I do hope the school finds those responsible for the viewing. It is purely sickening. We have sick people in this world.

Good morning.