My top three favourite messaging apps, and whatsapp isn't one of them!

I am in a love-hate relationship with Whatsapp and that got me venting the other day on Twitter. By the response, I realize I’m not the only one who feels that way. I mean there are a dozen things I don’t like about WhatsApp and it has nothing to do with functionality or efficiency.

First of all, everybody is on WhatsApp, which is a good thing because when you have a new contact you’re bound to find them there and this makes for easy communication. But everybody is on there and it can get real noisy, interruptive and tiring.

Another thing that irks me about WhatsApp, is its green colour. Yes, roll your eyes all you want but green is juuuusst not for me. I mean I know how crazy people got when Instagram changed its icon but really who gives a crap? I’d really like to see a change in that sickly green WhatsApp design. Considering our country’s problem with weak connectivity in some places in Accra (for me sadly, it’s where I live) WhatsApp simply isn’t reliable all the time.


What got me to write this, however, is Whatsapp’s new term and conditions that basically share all your user details  with Facebook for ad targeting or so they say. Of course, i had been ignoring the agreeing terms and conditions for a while and then, of course, my time run out.

Eventually, I uninstalled the app because I was in a fuck it mode.  I mean as if Facebook doesn't know enough about me? Is my choice of page likes, for example, not enough to tell you the kind of things id be interested in seeing on my timeline? And what makes you think I want to see that many ads anyway???

While I was venting my mum text me that she had been trying to reach me. Guess where? Good old WhatsApp. And so at this point, the wimp in me succumbed and I’ve had installed again. So if you’re like me and you’re looking for a change, here are three alternatives smart messaging apps that won’t annoy you.. yet.



The first thing I noticed and loved about Telegram is its ability to work with the weakest data connectivity. If you are running low on cellular data, you can still chat with a credit balance less than 1.0000 GHc. You can only appreciate that if you have been in an emergency situation. I also love how well it syncs with other devices, either on mobile or desktop.

Before WhatsApp copped it, Telegram was already enabled to send and receive documents and flies of all types and sizes. It’s a great tool for remote work and communication. If you want to run more group chats with more members Telegram allows you to have as many as 5000 members in a group.

Telegram prides itself on its security but I’m not so sure about that. Regardless, what I will say is for what the app lacks in aesthetics, its makes up for in speed, cost and some really interesting stickers!



Slack is my work chat app but it's so much more than that. It’s now the fastest growing workplace software right now because of how great it allows teams to collaborate on projects. I can say it's made a significant difference in terms of how swift communication is across myself and my colleagues is.

On Slack everything and everyone is centralized, no matter where you are, which is great for remote working if your team is into that sort of thing. Mobility is king when it comes to working now and Slack fits in perfectly.


Google Allo

This is a newbie but I’m already in love with Google’s new messaging app for one reason alone: The Google Assistant, which is sort of like having you talk back at Google; like Siri or S Voice. At this point, Allo is just a simple minimal text messaging app but I am eager to see future developments.


These are presently my top three favourite messaging apps at the moment. Feel free to drop your comments on your favourite messaging app and tell us why!