Apps I use everyday [Part 2]


Hey Everyone!

I should have written this earlier, but as usual, life gets in the way. This is my follow up on the my 'Apps  I use everyday  Part1’ post as promised. But before that, If you do decide to comment at the end of this blog? I want to know if I am the only one who goes hunting for similar or better alternatives for apps even when i do not necessarily need one? I need to find a lasting solution to this.


Lifestyle Apps

These are basically apps I try to use to live better and healthier. I can’t say i have perfected it, either there is something lacking or i am just being lazy. Regardless i love how these apps work. For example,  Ihave been trying to lose some weight for several months now. Now anyone who has embarked on this journey knows this isn’t easy.Watching calories and rigurious exercise would be the best way, my lifestyle won’t permit it right now, so I decided to try, Human. Human tracks how many steps Itake in a day, as well as my walks or runs if i decided to do any. It’s a great motivation app, that gives you soft reminders to take breaks during work for walks. It allows you to compare yourself with others to see how well you are performing. Although 30 minutes of walking doesn’t seem like much, its the steps to a better lifestyle.




If you’re looking to try new recipes or getout of your comfort zone when it comes to food, I recommend Yummly. I downloaded this app, because i was looking for a platform that would give me some great ideas for good salads. Disclaimer :I LOVE salads!! I am always looking to find new recipes and Yummy served it up just right. I have and I keep getting new ideas every day, as well as quick meals i can take to work. If i want to go healthily, Yummy gives me  a number of NOT boring dishes with simple instructions that you can try.



Lastly, Pinterest, which i know is a popular one doesn't fail to deliver.. I go to Pinterest for…. everything. It’s a great platform because with one click you have access to a store of different things, no matter what you’re into. Fashion, colours, houses,blogs, shoes, food. Pinterest is a great store of ideas, news and inspiration.


News Apps

Now I am known to gorge on content for hours on end. I dedicate some hours in my day just reading news, articles and blogs for different ideas. But some news apps have too much going on. In that respect, the outlay (Is that what it’s called?) is important. Clutter makes news hard to read and so in that respect, I think Flipboard keeps a beautiful interface that keeps its reader glued. Being able to catalog your interests in folders also is a plus.


My new favourite however, is Quartz. Like I said,before there is such a thing as too much news going on. Quartz sends you snippets of news and gives you the option to decided to view the full story or to simply move along. The content is written in a light informal manner that makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend!



There are a few new apps i am trying out like Glow, a period and ovulation tracking platform. (yup, strictly for the ladies) as well as Balanced, an app that helps you keep a better lifestyle. More on that in due course.


What apps do YOU love to use?