Goals can be overwhelming, do this instead!


Hey y’all!  So today I want to talk about goals. As a writer, I am also in the habit of writing down a ton of things I want to achieve. GOALS. I tend to see goals as an overall outcome of the things we want to achieve? Am I right? Yes? Ok.  We’d like to be healthier, start own businesses or travel to Tibet; whatever picks your fancy.  

Goals do not have to be overwhelming or anxiety-filled 

Our goals can be daunting especially when you feel like you are stuck in rut. Most of us  are never really sure how to get started. I can relate. But I find that the more i talk to people,  the more I understand that while people (myself included) place their inhibitions on not having the right resources or the best timing,  It’s really about Approach and Perception.



Now here’s what I really want to discuss. In my previous post, i spoke about Multitasking and learning the art of delegation. A great way to strip down your goals is to first prirotise. I am sure you’ve heard this a thousand times.     But why don’t we do a little more than that. So let’s say your three top goals is to 


  1. Lose 10 pounds in weight
  2. Build an online brand
  3. Start a blog
Break them down and focus on one thing at a time

Break them down and focus on one thing at a time


Now all three goals can be stripped down into small tasks daily in order to achieve results. For instance if you are trying to lose some weight and you have a goal in mind, you need to ask:What is the barest minimum effort you can make to ensure that you reach your goal? Would it be researching on what exercises you need to do? Would it be going shopping for the right gear? Would it starting to walk 30 minutes a day? From that point, if you decide to exercise for 30 minutes for just 7 days, that could be defined as a really good measurable breakdown. These three questions are examples of simple actions that can be taken and completed each day. While you might not be aware of it, each action is a small but important step required to achieving your goal. These actions be  tracked and cross-checked each day to ensure that you are on the right track. It's the same with business or any venture. You have to ask what is tangible, measurable and realistic? What can be done to the best of your abilities within the scope of resources you have?




There is no goal that is unachievable.  I can tell you that not thinking this way before has cost me a lot in the past. There are so many dreams and aspirations I have let slip simply because I thought it could not be done. Whether or not you have the resources, there is always a way. The real success is being able to to keep a healthy outlook while being full aware of the possible pitfalls that will come your way. Nothing is smooth sailing. So the question to ask when there is a roadblock is NOT “How did that happen?”, it should be “How do we do this differently”? Because there is always another option, another route.

Do keep in mind that motivation is highly overated, there will come a point in time you will just be tired! Listen I can relate paa! So replace motivation with a tangible task and gradually check off every task that ultimately leads you to your goal. 


So why are tasks better ? 

They can be tracked.

They are not overwhelming or anxiety-filled. 

You are able to prioritize better.

How do you tackle your goals? Do share!