An oil-free cooking day!

sunday brunch


 So it's Sunday and I woke up thinking about the vegetables I bought yesterday  and the steamed goat meat waiting to be showered with love. 

I came back from church knowing I wanted to a simple but tasteful meal of rice, goat meat stew and a garden salad. 

Then I remembered I had no oil. To get some oil or not. That was the question. 

But you all know how Sunday hunger is like. Ain't nobody got time for that. 


I had no oil and i was cooking by faith

I had no oil and i was cooking by faith

So in a hot pan with low heat, I put in the already steamed goat meat, some cut up onions and fresh peppers too. 

Even though I had already steamed my meat, with blended ginger, garlic onions and parsley, I still added a bit more of the blended paste when I started the stew. 

I was a little apprehensive about it at the start because I like my goat hard and fried when I cook ( still wondering whether to get the oil). But clearly this was going to be a steaming affair. 

So I realise that the trick is to keep it at low heat the entire time. 

To make sure you keep the stew flavourful while taking away the strong goat smell, you can add a bit of the goat stock to your tomatoes purée when you are ready to add it in. Mind you, I always add lime to meat when steaming. It sharply cuts through the raw smell. 


It is pretty much ready to be served after about 50 minutes of cooking. You'll have to remember to keep it stirred periodically. This keeps it evenly cooked with little burn at the bottom. 


There is hope after all

There is hope after all

 At the end you have something that looks like this. 

Not bad for an oil-free stew, right? 

For my garden salad, I used the usual suspects : lettuce, spring onions,cucumbers and tomatoes. If you have dandelions in your garden, throw a bit of that in there. Dandilions are a great subtitute and supper healthy if you're going green. They are actually a weed and grow by themselves. 


Green Dandelions

Green Dandelions

Dandelions are great for blood purification, preventing piles and gall stones  . They are also great for a detox or a cleanse, if you are trying to lose weight. So let them grow freely when you spot any in your backyard. 

More often, I like to make my on salad dressing, because a lot of the bottled dressings have some mayonaise in them. Mayo, I absolutely hate. 

My salad dressing, has vinegar, chopped up garlic ( you can cut them bigger if you like big chunks like me), some parsley or coriander and olive oil if you have any.  I like to add some honey for a sweet and sour taste.  Apologies, for not taking picture of that!

Say hello to my green salad.

Say hello to my green salad.

Truth be told, this is one of my favorite meals for a Sunday. I normally like to  replace the goat meat stew with grilled chicken or fish. But hey, you work with what's available. What's your favorite sunday meal?  Do share in comments below!