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On blogging and why you should blog too

Blogging should definitely be on the list of this century’s greatest ideas and it’s still a great time to blog if you are thinking about it. 
For starters, writing is still as relevant as it was years ago.  It has proven to be a great medium for real social change. There are a great number of personal blog posts that sparked globally important debates and some heavy crackdowns.

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For Karabo

If you’ve been following international news, you might have heard of the gruesome death of a South-African woman Karabo Mokeona, allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, in the news these past few weeks.  According to the story that broke, the 22 year old budding motivational YouTuber was found burnt beyond recognition two days after she was reported missing.  She’d had acid poured on her. Current updates on the developing story indicate that the boyfriend, Sandile Mantsoe, has since recanted his story of not knowing of her whereabouts and has confessed to her murder and even showed the police were he was buried. You can find more details here

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A weird conversation about sexuality : Gay men and Straight women

I usually stay away from conversations about sexual orientation, except if it is about me. People like what they like; not my problem. To put more succinctly, it’s part i really do not care who you take to bed at night and part, If i fail to understand your sexuality, I do not find the use talking about it at all. I simply will not speak on things i do not understand or know enough on.
So excuse my reluctance to sound stupid on LGBT matters.

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