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Top ten get-your-shit together quotes for 2018

While the fuel is still burning, chasing your goals this year, here are a few quotes to keep you going! Don't run out of steam just yet!
I love these quotes because, it's important to remind ourselves of our capabilities, to be action oriented and time conscious. We've got one life to live, we ought to live it to the fullest. So here we go!

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Bozoma’s thoughts on Fear and Choices

I almost missed the whole interview with powerhouse, Uber’s Bozoma Saint John on Thursday January 4, 2018, at The African Leadership Initiative West Africa (ALIWA) Dialogue series. Thank heavens; my friend Anim prompted me in time to just catch what was (to me) the most important part of her story. With that said, well done to Citi TV, on keeping us tuned for the event.

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Closing the door on 2017 : I leave depression and anxiety behind

Season’s Greetings lovlies. The year is drawing to a close and it’s always a great time to reflect on the year, evaluate, make changes and move forward.  When i think about the year I had, I spent a lot of time nursing wounds that kept opening. I look back, I am thankful that I was able to start my little baby project, The Grey Podcast, at a very difficult time. For me, speaking to all these women was as therapeutic as it was exciting.

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World Mental Health Day : How available are we?

Mental health is concerned with the mind. While we constantly evolve and adapt to different social conditions and circumstances, our mental strength largely dictates how best we manage that change. There has never been a better time to find ways that makes working conditions, quality of life, living conditions, lifestyles easier. When the people are happy the world is a better place. . 

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A thought : Living while you capture

I read a post by writer, Lyndsay Knowles titled, Living Being a part of the Writing process. And I couldn’t agree more. For one thing, I felt a tad bit better about lagging behind on writing. Because it certainly hasn’t been because I do not want to make time for writing when you are trying to live by your writing schedule.

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