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Review : Why Wonder Woman is a relevant movie for our times

So over the last week, I have read rave reviews of the much anticipated 2017 film, Wonder Woman. The superhero movie is tearing the box office apart. The critics are calling it possibly the best superhero movie of all time, the comeback, the redemption of the DC comics.[insert loud melodramatic mel-gibson-brave-heart-shout-for-freedom-type-of-music]
So when fellow blogger and friend Joseph Kuire asked me to catch the film with him last weekend, I had to go see it for myself.

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Review :Novan Coconut oil cleanser

I’ve read rave reviews about coconut oil and its benefits on pretty much every lifestyle blog there is on the internet. And while I love cooking with it, I was a bit skeptical about using it as a cleanser. I mean, I am pretty sure I know many girls who complain about having oily skin and have tried a dozen products to be rid of it. So I do raise an eye when you ask me to pour a hand full of oil in my face to cleanse.

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