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These routine habits are awesome for first time entrepreneurs!

 Taking care of yourself as a first-time entrepreneur is so necessary. This is not to deny that there won’t, inevitably, be long hours and stressful days. But there are simple practices that help in making life much easier than it is. It is important to also acknowledge that while not all of us run our own businesses however the principal around taking care of yourself for entrepreneurs or anyone who constantly who serves in a position that demands that you make decisions under pressure, are pretty much the same.

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Know your key assets as a blogger

 Hey Lovies, I haven’t blogged in a while. I say this a lot don’t i?  My excuse, working on The Grey Podcast and trying to live a little. I’m still finding my way as a blogger. Most days I'm struggling to be consistent. Most days I'm trying to employ tools that make my life easier. Having assets, is basically the tools, outlets, platforms needed to make your work complete. 
Here are my favorites:

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