"Do you suffer from smiling depression?" by Jennifer Savedge


I thought this was a pretty apt description of what depression looks like today. Too many people walking around hiding behind a smile. The truth is most of us are too preoccupied now to notice what is behind that look of perfection. I thought this article by Jenn Savedge "Do you suffer from smiling depression?"  names a thing that's hard to decipher.

Many young people don't even understand what they are going through and because they cannot pinpoint a reason for it, live in denial. We are certainly not going to want others pointing fingers at us for allowing ourselves to feel our way through it but rather "fake it" till you actually believe it!

I'm excited to say that i will be sharing some more thoughts on this on a project i am working on.

In the meantime, do share your thoughts on this! Is this a real thing?