Elements of a great media kit to show-off your personality


The first time I put together a media kit for myself, it was really just for fun.  I had seen one sent in an email I received and it pretty much got me sold on it. 

When I decided to send one as part of a proposal I was sending a client, I hardly expected the response I got. If I remember, she said “Kwakyewaa, I don’t see this often! This is clean and pretty nicely done. I like it”  

I don’t see a lot of Ghanaian companies asking for media kits; We are more of a cover letter and CV kind of people. And that’s ok. But the question is : why be like everyone else?

Media kits are a great way to brand yourself and speak on your services too. They are colorful, attractive and they are a concise way of putting together your services, achievements, and brand to potential customers. What I love about most is that it is easy to make!  It's also NOT boring, thank goodness. In a way, it can serve as a mini-portfolio for entrepreneurs, creatives, speakers, freelancers, writers and anyone trying to build a brand for themselves.

Media kits are fun and beautiful to look at. And they aren’t boring!


Whenever I send my media kit, it makes an introduction of myself and services very easy to manage. It creates a sense of confidence and expertise. After that, all I need to do is send my rate cards and we are ready for business! 

Putting together a great media kit is pretty easy. All you need are a few essential details to make the right impression


Your story:

Start with an eye-catching photo of yourself and add a personal bio. Speak about who you are and what you do. You can add special achievements you have clocked as well the areas of interests you are proud about. 


Quick Services :

It’s always good to highlight separately, your areas of expertise or the services you offer. These can be a collection of photos or short phrases that represent exactly what you do. It should be easy to understand.  


High Res photos :

The point of a media kit, really, is to do the same things a cover letter will do, but much more beautiful to look at. Make sure your media kit, has visually sharp photos as well colors that bear a connection to your overall brand look. If you've received a rate card or media kit from me, chances are you're going to see a lot of pink. That's the color I choose to use on my site, on my brand assets such as cards and logo. Pick photos and colors that work with your message always. It's creates a sense of order and uniformity. 


Contact details and social accounts :

The last but probably the most important information to add would be your details. Your media kit should contain your phone numbers or emails, working address and your social handles. People tend to make judgments based off your social media personality as an extension of you who you are.

Thankfully, there are great digital tools to help you get started. Tools like Canva or Tailor Brands make it real easy to assemble all the parts you need or like for a compelling media kit. 

Send me an email if you would like some training on how to do this!