FICTION: Chapter 12:​ Jennifer

Jennifer had the weekend to herself. The plan was to lounge and actively do nothing for the rest of the day. Theo was off at Jordan’s as planned. Jordan thought he would register his displeasure by coming to pick the boy up himself and giving her an earful of what he thought about the school appointment.
“Perhaps if I get Theo in trouble more often, you’d be nice enough to swing by more. You know, like how you used to” She threw the taunt whilst Jordan laced up Theo’s trainers.
“Your sarcasm Jay, that’s what kept me out”, He shot back, when he straightened up to full height. She bristled. Jordan was always tall. With his brand angular shoulders, his friends always thought he should have taken the game more seriously. But his love for music was overpowering. After battling two or three conflicting career trajectories after college. It was finally Jennifer that convinced to follow through with his music. Of course, that meant he would have to find a way to fend for himself once his father threw him out not pursuing medicine as discussed. Never mind that it was an ‘agreement’ discussed when he had turned 15.

Jennifer had to smile as she thought back to her life before. She remembered Jordan, gaunt and red-eyed with tears showing up at her front door, with his head sunk low. He had a bag pack in one hand. His regular fights with this father had clearly taken a turn for the worse and the old man had finally carried through with his age-old threat of throwing him out. Jennifer stared at him, with no questions asked and reach out both arms.
For the next two years, Jennifer kept them both fed and taken care off. They lived on take-outs and relentless sex to drown their sorrows. They were friends, lovers and in a strange way, siblings too. Jordan had no guard up and Jennifer loved him for it. Although Jennifer kept a steady stream of income both from her job and her father, Jordan spent his hours making beats. He simply had the flair for it. “Sometimes I just need to hear the words, Jenny, and bam! I JUST know what works Jenny”, He would say many times in bed, his wistful eyes baring his wondering and eager soul. “One day, I'm going to make the beat that will change everything Jenny, just watch”.
Jennifer believed him. She believed in him. She bought him every word. She kept him relaxed and comfortable. Like him, she knew that day was going to come. It was their break-through; Their middle-finger-to-world headway for those that held disdain for all that was unconventional.
But that was ten years ago. Jordan went back to law school because he thought he was never going to make his break producing beats. The closest he became to be an entertainer was defending them in court, in some years to come. When Jennifer became pregnant, Jordan felt the need ti make hard decisions.
“I am not going to be a deadbeat father, and I can’t take care of my son this way. We are going to survive all the bullshit. Trust me” He kept his word, he overcame his fear of being an absent father. But they couldn’t save their relationship.
She breathed in deeply, shaking herself from her consuming thoughts.
She tore her eyes from the view that hadn’t even registered in her mind and picked up her cell phone which was ringing.
“Miss Jay, care to go for a drive?”
“It’s Jennifer, Mike, we aren’t in high school anymore”, She said with a smile.
“Yes, ma’am. You didn’t answer my question though. There is a point to my call”. Jennifer could feel Mike’s dry humor.
“ Hmm…” She sighed with feigned exasperation. I don’t know Mr Asiedu... I mean the plan was to spend some time with me. You know,  I decided to dedicate myself to the art of doing nothing all day. And you wanna mess that up. I can’t say I appreciate it”
He gave a small chuckle and said: “I’ll be at yours in ten”.

Jennifer realized she was still smiling when the call ended.