Getting fit stress-free

So by this time, after my 40-day detoxifying challenge that me clinging on for dear life up to about 18 days, and my inconsistent work out routine, (Yes they seem to change almost every week, too much of this or too little of that), you know I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been stressing for nothing really.

Now I wouldn’t love to see a slimmer waist but I have really had to change my thinking to exercise in a happier way. I have been angry, unmotivated, mostly being too hard on myself about what I need to do to keep to a work out regime that works. I also realize I have not really been thinking long term here. Even though I haven’t said it out loud I realize that I have made no plans to continue working out past the deadline I have written down. There result here is me pressurizing myself to be harder on myself than I should be. In other words, i am not really thinking lifestyle.
So here’s my thought process before this post
“Wake up!”
“You have to exercise, the tummy has to go before December.
-December is just two months away, you can’t get this all off before then
-Maybe if I just eat nothing, like all day for two weeks..”
“Or I could just skip until Christmas”
*After 100 skips*
“This isn’t going to get the job done before December”
“Fuck! look at this stomach”

And then I probably don’t skip for another two to three days and then I do this whole thing again. Yeah, not great.
Until I had a great inspiring talk with someone about working out and basically doing anything you set your mind. Here’s what I learned

I had to accept many things. For one, I am most certainly not the biggest girl in the room, and even if I was, it’s ok. It’s ok not to be the best-shaped gal in the room and if that was all I was, it would be a very sad day. I've also had to accept that things may not go as planned with this set December target as long as I don’t stop working out. Do I stop exercising, living or being great at being me? Not really. So there is no point in being hard on myself this way.

That’s always been a hard one for me. But I learned to wean off those high expectations of myself and understand that to be successful at anything, no matter how small takes not just consistency but a lot of patience. I have been at this for the past year, I can’t tell you how frustrated I have been sometimes. Learning to take it one day at a time is not as easy as they say it is, but focusing on doing your best today is all that counts.

The truth is whether a plan works or not, it’s always best to have a plan. I totally wiped out my old routines, which usually involved doing a 30-minute walk/jog in my neighbourhood, doing or attempting to do 120 skips and a 10-minute weights session. This could have been great but even then, how this session would go was not structured out well. What I learned a month after doing this was, structure gives you control, certainty and serious focus. I didn’t have that so, yes you guessed right, this workout regime did not work well either.

Did I say patience was hard? Well, every day try getting yourself up every morning, to work-out through painful shoulders, calves and backaches. Self—motivation. So I got creative about it and partnered every day, to begin our 3-5 mile walk, we call each other every morning with one single reason to work out. Without a doubt, it has been a huge transformation to having a healthier mindset to work out. Before I work out I spend a moment to reflect on why this lifestyle change is important to me.

So here is a new thought process now for the holidays is:
“ I am not going to lose 1kg today, maybe not tomorrow, but it’s ok.”
“As long as I keep going”
“ I feel some feel-good tension in my shoulders, that’s good”
“One day at a time”
“I did it! Awesome!”