My journey with GTD just began!


I'm so excited about this new phase in my life! And what do writers do when excited? Yep! They write about it!
Now I may be late to the party, but productivity concept known as Getting Things Done, created by David Allen is a new addition to the life boat I've been mentally preparing for. This is because like everybody else who may be a GTD-er, now  I have come to the point of hard realization that I need to... come get my life!
But on the real, It suddenly dawned on me, after years of wondering why I am so absent minded, constantly overwhelmed, and usually tired yet seriously non-productive, that :
I am not alone in this.

I am not to blame for my forgetfulness, human beings aren't made to remember things.

Not being organized makes me a sad sad person.

I need to find a system that handles the triggering of memory

Gaining back of control is doable, even for me!

So! I reached out for help from the one person I know could get me started easily. Enyo Kumahor, Managing Partner of The Cobalt Partners, a productivity expert, and veteran GTD-er of 11 years!
We can call it an intervention or a silent cry for help in the glaring chaos of my work life, but somehow she decided, coincidentally that this is what I needed as well.


Above in that picture is pretty much everything you need to know about GTD and how it can be used to manage, pretty much everything that matters to you in life. When i say everything, i mean, GTD can pretty much capture  not just your lunch dates with your girlfriends, your weekly grocery shopping, your dream vacation, hell, it can even capture any time you just want to just pause and think! How cool is that? Why would you want to be brooding though?


After my training session, I’ve decided to track my process with you. I am convinced by ability to do that is subliminally a test of my progress or the lack of it with GTD. i will share my system with you as it is now and the changes that will occur on that journey.


The aim is to get better at organising my things better, spend less time in getting things done,make more time for things i love and overall, be a more efficient person to the people, and things i am responsible for.


Please take time to study the diagram above and in my next GTD post, we can talk some more about my new experiences.