Here's a toast to women who rock!

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! This one is for yooooo!<insert Asem's voice> Today is all about the little girls,the market women, the entrepreneurs, the corporate ladies with the side hustle, the mothers, the wives, the single mothers, the lady bosses,the best friends, the sisters, the girlfriends,the students ,the doctors,the journalists, the surgeons, the fashionistas, the storytellers, the entertainers, the activists, the freedom fighters,the advocates, the glass-ceiling breakers. Since I can't write all the amazing roles we play, I'll just mention one more, the SIDE CHICKS!

This one is for all the women who make life worth it, in their own ways. This one for the can't-tell-me-nothing go-getters who inspire us every day. This one is for the ones pushing through into unchartered waters. The unprecedented and the overlooked. This one is for brash, the brave, the quiet, the sweet, the fierce, the meek, the scandalous, the emotional, unlady-like, rebellious, conservative, crazy, unfocused, assertive, smart women!

We are celebrating all the "complex" beautiful ways we are made.

Please raise your glass to the good life!

*May we never feel pressured to be anything other than ourselves, in love and life.

*May we always affirm to ourselves, that we are beautiful, ever so smart, more than capable, ready for the task.


*May we feel powerful because without 'us' there will be no 'them'

*May we repel gender-bias bullshit, society's standards on what is acceptable and what it means to be 'woman'.

*May we always rise above societal designs to restrict us, to mold us, dictate to us and kill our best selves.

*May we define and redefine 'womanhood' everyday, in our own words!

*May we be curious, adventurous, spontaneous, different, happy, perfectly imperfect, sincere, open and unafraid!