How to battle insecurity as a content creator




I know I can’t be the only one who gets insecure, calling myself a content creator. I follow a lot of great people doing amazing things and sometimes i wonder, “Wow, I don’t think I can ever be that good”. People trust what seems genuine, bold and happy. People want  to connect with someone who has it all together, someone who makes them feel empowered themselves. Content creators bear the responsibility of showing the beauty in every day. Prompting questions and creating bonds.  While this is a driving force to do what I or any content creator would do, it can get overwhelming.

The reasons are many. The most predominant of them all would be the imposter syndrome that grips us all from time to time. Many of us tend to doubt whether we are projecting a life that isn’t a true reflection of who we are. We put all the effort it takes to make great content but the process isn’t always pretty. While the outcome and eventual reaction is always gratifying, you can’t help but feel a little inadequate.


There are always those little questions:

“How much of yourself are you going to give to others to make a buck?”.

“How exciting is your life?”

“Am I charging too little or charging too much?.


Let me help you out here : These questions won’t stop coming at you. There will always be one content creator killing the game better than you. There will always be that pressure behind your ear. The trick is not to give in to that insecurity. Channel the pressure into working harder.


Building and planning are your saviors. Wanting to be in with the times  can leave you hanging high and dry if you do not have a plan in place. Trust me I know. Block time in your schedule to create your basic content so that it can ran for you as you create your special projects.


Connecting and learning from your network will broaden your scope. I’ve always called myself an extroverted introvert. I network mostly out of necessity because truthfully, I’d rather be alone to write all day. But that changed for me because I learned that the goal is more than just your brand. The goal to create an awesome space for learning, growth and  collaboration. In other words, to do some kickass storytelling, we certainly cannot do it alone. 


So what am I trying to say? Lean into that insecurity(because it won’t go away)  and turn it into strength!