If you are a blogger, you need one of these tools


People are great. But unfortunately our penchant for time isn’t. But that’s primarily because many of us still do not plan ahead. Why is this significant? Because planning helps us prioritize. When you prioritize you know where your time is or should be spent. See where I am going with this? I don’t write about time management because I am an expert. I do write about it because whenever I have planned ahead, it’s always paid off. I should certainly do it more often.  Thank God for technology because today, because 1) Hell, why is writing so hard these days? I can’t doing it everyday. 2) I can do basically 95% of my work on my phone.  There are many great ways of capturing the best of your day, not having to remember what you have to do or what you originally planned. 


Evernote : I have used Evernote since 2012 and i am yet to feel disappointed. What makes evernote work for me, its simplicity. You can organize your WHOLE life in there with folders and tags. Whether you are moving house, planning a trip, writing or you just need to capture things you do not want to forget, evernote is your second brain. You don’t have to remember everything.   Evernote is also great for work. The business or premium package allows you to create great presentations as well as storing business cards. It’s so flexible and pretty simple to plan everything. Also the website extension allows me to capture content that inspires me easily. As a blogger and podcaster, that’s bliss. 


Swipes - We all know not many of us write down things on paper anymore. Thanks to smartphones. Swipes is like a to-do list on your phone and with just a swipe to the right or left, you can schedule what times you need to all your tasks. You can also swipe them done as you complete them done. 

This is important not just because you can track your progress, but because a great execution of your goals really depends on having a correct framework to work within. If you’re trying to work through at least, three things in a day, Swipes allows you to prioritise which of those tasks to tackle first. 


IFTT - if you are a freelancer , an entrepreneur or just an all round busy person, automation is necessary for some sanity. IFTT let’s you automate anything that’s really important to you. For example, if you spend a major part of your time running through emails, IFTT can help you collate the important ones into an “Important” folder with a special tag. It’s basically setting rules that allow you to automate anything. I do not need to reshare my work one post at a time, because, once i post, it automatically saves as drafts so i can do the tweaking i want. 


What tools work best for you?