Know your key assets as a blogger


 Hey Lovies, I haven’t blogged in a while. I say this a lot don’t i?  My excuse, working on The Grey Podcast and trying to live a little. I’m still finding my way as a blogger. Most days I'm struggling to be consistent. Most days I'm trying to employ tools that make my life easier. Having assets, is basically the tools, outlets, platforms needed to make your work complete. 
Here are my favorites:

Where you create  : Content is the basic and fundamental part of the work. Where you write is important and should be easy. I use Evernote because it's set up in the most easy way possible. I make folders that help me categorise my writings per topic areas. 

The great thing about an app like Evernote is that it is a mobile app as well which means I can write wherever I am. I'm able to pin an idea down wherever I am. 
Where you share : your work can stay on your blog all you want. But it won't make impact if you don't share on social platforms available. Where do you have the most following? Is it your faceebook,
Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn?  I think it's always better to figure out what social platform works for you and how you can use that to enhance your followers and listeners. With social media it's always a trial and error situation. So don't be afraid to explore. You learn as you go. 

What you speak/write on: the beauty of writing is that you can write anything and everything. But its also possible to write on channel your writing into specific areas you find most interesting. I love posts about personal growth feminism African culture and self- care. I tend to dabble in some fiction as well. I don't stray into politics because it's simply not where my interests lie. So it's great to be known to be some kind of writer as well. Ultimately the power is yours. 

What your enhancers are : what tools do you need to make to keep a beautiful blog. I'm talking about how attractive your platform is. What images are you using, how appealing is your website? People will come back if they love what they see. Let's not underestimate how impactful aesthetics go. 

How easily can you engage with your readers : Like many, i spend a large proportion of my time on phone versus other devices. Since I blog with Squarespace, I keep its blogging app on my phone so I can be responsive whenever there is a comment on anything I've written. Although social media apps can be distracting, I still keep my three main social media apps Facebook Twitter and Instagram on my phone so I can also engage people who like my work. 

Consistency is always the biggest struggle. Once you are able to build a writing system it gets easier. I like to try a number of productivity methods to get me up and running. I have had more luck with methods than others. For example the pomodoro technique employs 25 minutes of no-distraction work, a five minute break and then reset. You can do four pomodoro in a day, as a start to see how well you do. I'll give more detail on this productivity technique later. 

What are your assets as a blogger ? I'd love to know! 

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