#WinterABC 23 : Things people do not know about my country, my beloved Ghana.


Dear Afrobloggers,

I’m kind of tired of talking about my country. Is that ok? I have already stated that i am not the best tour guide but these tour topics keep coming! Lord have mercy!

So here goes.

  1. We invented Azonto. So we have some of the best dancers in the world. Argue with your barber

  2. Ghana has won the African Cup of Nations four times and it’s all before 1990. I like to set the tone before we get started. Happy AFCON 2019!

  3. Polygamy is legal but prostitution isn’t. So we should all have sex with multiple people but it has to be for free. (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

  4. Ghanaians like their food. When you plan a party make sure you make enough food for 300 people. Even if you invited a 100.

I think my tour guide skills are improving, don’t you think?