My take on a low-carb diet : Brown Rice stir-fry

Happy Thursday people!

I've been busy for a while and I haven't been consistent with writing. I feel like I am always apologizing these days. But that's because I'm doing a complete over all of my website as well as preparing for The Grey Podcast which goes live this month.  So forgive me please.

Aside all of that, August also means getting back on the weight loss journey. I dropped at the end of April and it's been a struggle getting back on the horse.  While previously I focused more on exercising, I realise ignoring my food choices makes the task twice as hard. Now that can be hard seeing as we have carbs in all forms and shapes around us here.  So with Yummly as a guide, I've tried to shop for healthy and available food items for quick and healthy meals.  

Lunch today, was brown rice stir-fry.  This recipe takes at most 10 minutes to prepare if you include all the cutting up i had to. But really, the actual cooking takes roughly 7 minutes if you have everything you need to get going. I spent a total of 40 Ghana cedis on the ingredients i here and it's quite easy to find in any food market. I recommend agbogbloshie if you are looking for cheaper prices. The focus here is to make sure, you have enough vegetables in the dish to overpower the brown rice. After all, brown rice is still rice, isn't it?



The ingredients I used consist of mostly green vegetables and herbs. You can pretty much use whatever leafy vegetable you like. With Olive Oil, powdered pepper, black pepper, a clove of garlic, [which can be more than enough, so you don't need to use onions],  cider vinegar, you're good to go

The greens you see here are :


Chinese Cabbage



Green Peppers


First you boil your brown rice. You may have to boil it a little longer than white rice because, unpolished rice has a harder covering and will need a lower heat to cook better.

When you rice is ready, you throw in the garlic, onions and red powdered pepper in heated olive oil. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the spinach and Chinese cabbage  at the same time. They roughly take about the same amount of time to cook.

Remember low heat

Add a little water 

Pour a tablespoon full of cider vinegar 

Add the celery, coriander  and salt to taste

You are open to add any other type of spicing you like to it.

You can let the mix simmer for another minute after you have stirred it.  After this you can add the cooked brown rice. Stir and make sure the vegetables and the rice are evenly mixed.

At this stage, I usually put in a square of butter for a creamy spicy smell and taste that i particularly like.

And voila! you are pretty much done for a good light lunch. If you want some protein, I'd suggest grilled fish, meat or chicken. 

I might add here, that i absolutely love herbs and they are a health addition to your cooking.

For example : Celery is a great vitamin source, it also has potassium which is great for the bones. If you're beginning a cleansing detox, you should most certainly add celery. 

These days i am constantly collecting health recipes for my diet plan. If you have a simple meal idea which is great for weight loss. I'd love to hear from you!


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