The best places for images when blogging 

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When blogging, your visuals are just as important as your work. I am constantly looking for the best places to find great images, both stock platforms as well as editing platforms.
Most people know about Shutterstock, PixalBay and Unsplash. But for the essence of storytelling that depicts who we are, it is so important to showcase the diversity and to credit the amazing people who are creating the platforms for people of colour.  So here are a few places that are pretty awesome for black writers and creatives.
Nappy is a beautifully curated collection of black and brown people. It covers images of work life, beauty, art, and cultures of people of colour.  The core mission of Nappy, from what I can tell, is diversity. It's great because it's free and an easy enough website to navigate. Photographers are also able to send their work for better exposure. We will do our part by crediting it them as we should.

Everything about this platform makes me happy. Firstly it's female owned and it features people of colour. Yes and all that high-res images  of black and brown makes me of cocoa butter and beautiful melanin all day! When you subscribe, you can access a free stockpile which allows you to get a feel of what CreateHerStock pile has to offer.  You can puy pictures individually or subscribe to a package the suits your budget.

Tony is owned by two creative entrepreneurs of African descent who also believe in the importance of diversity in imagery and storytelling. If you're looking to spend some money on your image work, I'd say I find Tonl more affordable. For 75 images per month is 105 dollars, which is the highest subscription.  Tonl also offers collections if you are trying to do a serialized project or or any thing that will take a a number of the same photos in one piece.

For me, the more, the merrier. I am so glad to see more people pumping effort into the creative arts that is inclusive and I dare say richer in content.  I do understand that for security purposes, PayPal seems to the mode of payment on these platforms. I will recommend they include credit card payments as well seeing as they will have clients from African countries that cannot transact using PayPal.