On blogging and why you should blog too


Ever since I discovered blogging, my reasons for writing are ever evolving. While there are bloggers that commit to a specific content type, I have always been drawn to different subject matters depending on the stage of life I find myself in.

When I started writing, I remember how superficial it was for me. It was simply to get people talking about the topic. These days when I go back to my old pieces, I cringe and roll my eyes. What was I thinking? I ashamed to say I was a bit of a sensationalist journalist.

A few years down the line, living in a foreign place, I journaled to escape my reality. There were good and bad things about that. For starters, It was a lonely time, being so far away from my family, journaling took the form of fictional stories. I wish I wrote more about the places I visited, the beauty of my surroundings. I saw the bad more than the good. Anyway. 

These days I write more, bearing personal stories, ultimately to help others. Previously, it frustrated me that I could not fixate on one area and build my writing around that.  But I have learned that as a writer, you have a responsibility to put into words the experiences of different happenings. I understand now that this is ok. It’s ok to write about everything and anything. 

Blogging should definitely be on the list of this century’s greatest ideas and it’s still a great time to blog if you are thinking about it. 
For starters, writing is still as relevant as it was years ago.  It has proven to be a great medium for real social change. There are a great number of personal blog posts that sparked globally important debates and some heavy crackdowns. Former Uber employee, Susan Fowler, an engineer and writer, shared her story early last year, on sexual harassment ordeal while working at Uber in a blog post Her experience was a very significant part of the horrific truths around sexual harassment at Silicon Valley. In 2017, known as a silence breaker, she was one of TIME’s Person of the year, amongst others.

Blogging is one of the simplest ways to enrich the world with diverse perspectives. People are blogging about everything. Money, Technology, Fashion, DIYs, Science, Religion, Sexuality, Feminism, Culture. There has never been a more fun way to learn AND contribute perspective to matters that have for too long, been one-sided. We live I a time where reading isn’t just to pass exams; it is to enrich lives and have fun while at it.

Another important reason to blog now is that it IS an actual job, which can pay the bills if it’s done right. If you blog, for the simple love of it, that’s great. But if you are open to options, blogging can be lucrative, full time.

By all means get on board, if you are thinking about it this year! Know that your stories, your voice and your intentions count!