My sister told me something smart today when I called her to vent. "She said people who call others opinionated are people who simply do not understand why you do not agree with them. They have a struggle understanding and appreciating that we cannot all see things the same way. Because the truth is, we all have opinions."

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I was 'long' or opinionated, I'd be buying one of those luxury apartments only foreigners live in over here in Ghana. But I don't have a nickel, I have a goddamn opinion and I am going to share it because I can. You are welcome to share yours.

It's not that I consider myself outspoken, I am actually not outspoken enough and i CERTAINLY intend to do that some more. But I will hold my own in a conversation if I do know a thing about it. And i expect it to be respected just as I will respect yours. An argument is just that, an argument. However, speaking and respecting each other's views, while strenuous [especially if what you're hearing is, as the English would say, "Absolute bollocks"] can be fulfilling if you are prepared to listen and learn.

Well, most times, people just want to win or have the last word. For me that works if you still taking into account the other's sensibilities.  In other words, tell me your perspective, do not be rude, do not be patronizing [ it's funny how words like patriarchy and patronizing sound alike, but i digress] or condescending.

It must be a rude awakening to find a likeable girl who is not so likeable once she's got something to say. Poor you, woe is you and your fragile egotistical balloon. Here's a pin to go with that.

Bye Felicia