Reasons why leaving your job now could be a good thing

So our banks are in the news. Everyone is talking about the swift and not-so subtle takeover of United Trust Bank and Capital Bank by the Ghana Commercial Bank.  It’s something to see, staff from one of Ghana’s premier banking facilities standing outside their  workplace, unsure of what the next step is. There’ve been mixed reactions from all Ghanaians: Business owners, customers, entrepreneurs, observers and social commentators.


In all of it, i think the customers and staff constitute the biggest source of worry. The questions being asked is that, will there be fallouts?  We are right to be concerned about them. Thankfully, according to the statement issued by The Bank of Government, there will be a swift change in the command of affairs and there will be little or no damage to customer accounts and what not.


But this post is about the fall outs.  Because it is important to note that there will be fall outs, when Ghana Commercial Bank’s take over is complete. Restructuring and Resizing and all that. 


So,say you find yourself without a job and you are at home. What happens then? 


Perhaps this is the time to really think about what you want to do. The Ghanaian society for many years, have spent considering resources, time and money on mainstream career options; being lawyers, being doctors, being nurses and pharmacists.

Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make. Don’t tell them what to do, but encourage them to do what is best.

Jimmy Johnson

So what happens to the sociology, geology, geography, music, english, linguistics, classics, performing arts students? What happens to those degrees? Ghana is filled with useless certificates, it would seem. The UT bank former boss, Kofi Amoabeng, said it himself, He regrets hiring students with first class certificates only. While this isn't really not the point, I can't help but agree, that our educational system has really set up to fail. Teaching methods are in no way preparing us for life outside school. There's little or no practicality to education in most courses offered at the University of Ghana.  First or Second class,  college students are primed to pass exams and find the best jobs without a single thought about what and where, possibly their strengths lie. Mass production, as it were. 

It took me 11 years to realize that I could actually pause and think about exploring what natural giftings i have and what ways i could properly nurture them. Thankfully, Ghana is seeing a burst of creative entrepreneurship and innovation that bodes well for our country in a time to come. 

Young fiery millennials are ready to take on new prospects and new ideas. There are platforms and organisations committed to nurturing budding entrepreneurs. It’s never too late to start. So if you have the misfortune of having to start over at any point in time, before you send in another application, perhaps it may be time to take a look around. 


Some of the best writers in the world, only had a pen, paper and a dream. Some of the best innovators, created their best work not out of comfort but out of need. 

You might want check out how big empires, like Airbnb, PayPal, Facebook and Medium started. You might want to know how your favorite Nigerian and Ghanaians started.

Keep in mind that there's a constant change in interests, demands and interests of the modern day Ghanaian. There's no time like now to get in on the wave of innovation. There will be a consumer waiting at the end of your creation.

I may sound idealistic, I may sound like i am not considering the financial strain that pulls at entrepreneurs or the self-employed. There are bills to pay, children to take of. But to have real financial freedom, the flexibility of work-life balance, takes a period of exploring what avenues and career options we ACTUALLY enjoy and WANT to pursue.

Parents and future parents can do their children a real favor, by allowing them to explore their interests and pursue them. Life is way too unpredictable to live predictably. We must encourage talents and strengths of all types. We must not live in fear believing that only certain types of career paths provide security and wealth.

So if you are thinking about making a career move, good on you. 

You should ask yourself certain questions:

What are your current strengths? (And please do not limit yourself in your imagination)

What do you actually enjoy doing that has the semblance of being a profitable venture for you? 

Do you find that there is a need for it right now?

If you were to leave your job now, do you have an exit strategy and money to hold you down for the next six months?

Are there people like you who enjoy your craft? 

What ways would you be different? 

What are the resources you currently possess?

Is it possible to juggle your job while building or creating your dream, so you can make an easy transition?


It’s hard living in any society that has a disdain for trying and failing. Be assured, you will get dragged for your bravery but it would be really depressing to living a life, controlled by others.


Perhaps the time is NOW.