Review :Novan Coconut oil cleanser

I’ve read rave reviews about coconut oil and its benefits on pretty much every lifestyle blog there is on the internet. And while I love cooking with it, I was a bit skeptical about using it as a cleanser. I mean, I am pretty sure I know many girls who complain about having oily skin and have tried a dozen products to be rid of it. So I do raise an eye when you ask me to pour a hand full of oil in my face to cleanse.

My coconut laced salad with mashed potatoes

My coconut laced salad with mashed potatoes


But when friend and entrepreneur Narkie Agbettor, founder of The Novan Company told me to try it she went further to give me a free bottle of Novan Company coconut oil, your girl could not refuse. To redeem myself, I went and bought another bottle later on! 
For those of who do not know, coconut oil is a huge beauty ingredient to have, for hair and skin. For our-naturals and relaxed-hair girls, coconut oil is a great conditioner for growth and strength. It’s truly awesome to find i can use it for my face as well.
So here’s my routine with coconut oil:

1. Pour a generous amount into your hand
2. Rub the oil in your palm until it’s warm
3. Spread it all over my face[whether or not i have makeup or not]
4. Wait ten minutes and wash it off

I think the most significant thing I can say after a month’s use is how supple and soft my face has become. Moisture that lasts all night, quite unlike the dryness I used to feel when i wake up.
I also realize I could never get makeup fully off my face until i started using coconut oil. According to research, this is because Coconut oil contains sodium lauryl sulphate, which has the ability to cut through the grease your face might have accumulated throughout the day.  You literally see the makeup dissolving off your face within minutes of rubbing it on.

novan coconut oil


I think the change I am most pleased with, however, is the significant reduction in acne in the face. Girl, i can tell you using coconut oil is not only keep the face baby soft, but acne free as well.
If you are also trying to exfoliate the natural way, you can throw in some lemons to get the pores cleared. You know what the say, what’s good for eating, is certainly good for the skin. I made that up, but it is certainly true. I think i heard that somewhere.
So if you are looking to get some good coconut oil to get your beauty routine going, you should definitely check out  The Novan Company for affordable products for cooking, hair and skin. You will have your product delivered if you live in the capital. You can find them on the Gram as well as on Facebook.

Do not hesitate to share your feedback using coconut oil as a cleanser!