Slim Tea Detox review : I couldn't make it past the third day!

So I kind of slipped in my last post about fat-shaming in Ghana, that i was about to try Slim-tea detox. It kind of makes sense since i am also on a weight loss journey. So i am pretty much ready to compliment my exercise regime with healthy diets and detoxing remedies if they work.

From the interesting responses I got from my post on Instagram, it seems many people are willing to give it a go if this is the real deal. So, yes, you are welcome, receiving your unspoken requests ot be your scapegoat!
So people, it is with deep regret that I report to you that I did not make it past three days of slim tea detox. Let me tell you why.
A day of taking the first cup of the slim tea, I started to have abdominal cramps. You know, the kind you get when Aunt flo is calling. So I didn't make much of it because i was told to expect a little uneasiness after my first cup. The uneasiness stayed with me pretty much for most of the day through to the second day. It was pretty much the same on the second day. I also was told to expect to pee a lot and as well the number 2 because it also gives free bowels as well.

So it can only be two things, it’s either your girl is heavily constipated or the slim tea had other ideas. I did spend a lot of time peeing but the number 2 had it’s own ideas. I still figured it was too early to make judgements on the tea.
On the third day of Christmas however!!! Well, let me tell you:
I had a breakfast meeting to attend, and my tummy wouldn’t stay quiet. This wasn’t the Aune flo type of stomach pain, it wasn’t the i-am-about to crap myself in the next five seconds type of pain either.
This was an excruciating ripple of pain throughout the upper part of my stomach to my abdomen. I could feel a different type of pain in my lower back. I manage to sit through the meeting until we wrapped up. By the time i finished up work at the airport i could not stand up. So like Gollum, i made my way into an Uber back home.
After another 3 hours of Chinese tea and Tylenol, I could be convinced that i was not dying and I was going to make another day among the living! So if you are wondering, I have completely abandoned the Slim-Tea Detox. It’s clearly not for me.
Although I am tempted to try it once more, I really would love to know anyone else’s experience. Am i the only one who experienced the sharp needle type of pain within a short amount of time? Do let me know.