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Lemon Water magic!

I've always liked lemons. Whether it’s the flavour of a sweet, deodorant or for cooking. But water? Not so much. But it's hard not to see the effect lack of water is having on my body. Not so great. So I think trying lemon water became more of a fun thing to do than really about its health benefits. I was hesitant, initially, because I thought it would be too acidic for me since I have been treated for ulcers in the past.

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Getting fit stress-free

So by this time, after my 40-day detoxifying challenge that me clinging on for dear life up to about 18 days, and my inconsistent work out routine, (Yes they seem to change almost every week, too much of this or too little of that), you know I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been stressing for nothing really.

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