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The best places for images when blogging 

When blogging, your visuals are just as important as your work. I am constantly looking for the best places to find great images, both stock platforms as well as editing platforms.
Most people know about Shutterstock, PixalBay and Unsplash. But for the essence of storytelling that depicts who we are it is so important to showcase diversity and to credit the amazing people who are creating the platforms for people of color.  So here are a few places that are pretty awesome for black writers and creatives.

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On blogging and why you should blog too

Blogging should definitely be on the list of this century’s greatest ideas and it’s still a great time to blog if you are thinking about it. 
For starters, writing is still as relevant as it was years ago.  It has proven to be a great medium for real social change. There are a great number of personal blog posts that sparked globally important debates and some heavy crackdowns.

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Know your key assets as a blogger

 Hey Lovies, I haven’t blogged in a while. I say this a lot don’t i?  My excuse, working on The Grey Podcast and trying to live a little. I’m still finding my way as a blogger. Most days I'm struggling to be consistent. Most days I'm trying to employ tools that make my life easier. Having assets, is basically the tools, outlets, platforms needed to make your work complete. 
Here are my favorites:

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The prudent writer and her conversations with great Ghanaian women writers

The prudent blogger: That’s what I call myself these days. I am hoping it will be the last time. I started to blog in 2012 when I have tucked away in Turkey; away from family, friends, and newly single. There was a lot to see and a lot to think about and writing came easily to me. Yet there are many memories there that remain unwritten. I knew blogging had become been a hot thing for a time but i was hesitant to get on board. Partly because it mattered to me if I was going to be a horrible writer and how ready i was for the judgement I'd receive and partly because... well that’s what i am writing about today.

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