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Top ten get-your-shit together quotes for 2018

While the fuel is still burning, chasing your goals this year, here are a few quotes to keep you going! Don't run out of steam just yet!
I love these quotes because, it's important to remind ourselves of our capabilities, to be action oriented and time conscious. We've got one life to live, we ought to live it to the fullest. So here we go!

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A thought : Living while you capture

I read a post by writer, Lyndsay Knowles titled, Living Being a part of the Writing process. And I couldn’t agree more. For one thing, I felt a tad bit better about lagging behind on writing. Because it certainly hasn’t been because I do not want to make time for writing when you are trying to live by your writing schedule.

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5 non-negotiables of a 30-year-old

So, finally, 30 happened to me! Raise your glass to all the 87 borns out here! We’ve come far! In the coming weeks that led to my birthday on June 12th, I was ready to turn up and act the fool one last time to close out on the 20’s but it turned out to be a solemn one. Firstly, because it was a gloomy Monday and I had so much to do at the office and also because it was a Monday.

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Getting fit stress-free

So by this time, after my 40-day detoxifying challenge that me clinging on for dear life up to about 18 days, and my inconsistent work out routine, (Yes they seem to change almost every week, too much of this or too little of that), you know I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been stressing for nothing really.

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Being Safe and Being honest

In time, I learn there are two paths that go in opposite directions. I feel safe when I watch horror b-budget flicks when I am tucked in my bed on a rainy day. The horror, although excites cannot touch me. I feel safe when I sit in a public transport and I get near home. The claustrophobic feeling in a moving box becomes powerless. I feel safe when I'm surrounded by loving faces. All things familiar feel safe, doesn't it? Even the bad ones. Even those that have hurt you before. But everyone knows that SAFE is just SAFE. My heart does not beat, there is no flicker in my head.It is the expectation, a foil to the excitement.

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Marriage Frenzy - a miscalculated step?

My friend told me the funniest story. She called a friend to tell her about her wedding plans. Before she could get it into it, after pleasantries was exchanged, her friend chipped in “madam, I hope you are not about to tell me you are getting married?” According to my friend, the other person on the phone sounded scared actually. Like she could not contain on more call if it was about a wedding.

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