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5 non-negotiables of a 30-year-old

So, finally, 30 happened to me! Raise your glass to all the 87 borns out here! We’ve come far! In the coming weeks that led to my birthday on June 12th, I was ready to turn up and act the fool one last time to close out on the 20’s but it turned out to be a solemn one. Firstly, because it was a gloomy Monday and I had so much to do at the office and also because it was a Monday.

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F*** Love, How about a little respect?

My mother told me this some time ago. She said, “Maame, you are an intelligent girl, there are things you will see, hear and learn that will be hard to ignore. You will want to speak up because your mind will tell you this isn’t right. But speaking up won’t always give you happiness. You will have to make a decision every day. You have to find your power but with wisdom”

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