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FICTION: Chapter 11- Babs

Babs wasn’t afraid on the first day at her job at the film company. If anything, she felt the excitement. She wasn’t afraid ten years ago, when Kay told her she was going to abort her baby, so she could go back to school. When she had to sit in the hospital lobby and wait out the procedure. They had told no one about the pregnancy. Having scraped up just enough money, only Babs and Kate knew how frightening the ordeal had been. Kate could hardly keep herself together. It took Babs strong grip that calmed her. Babs was like that. She possessed a silent strength that emitted calm to those around her.

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Love Gridlock : When we stop listening

They say you are most pensive when you're half asleep. I will probably need pegs to hold my lids open but my brain has a mind of its own. I am very sleepy writing this post. So a dear friend of mine sent me an article on “How to keep love going strong”, . I didn't want to read it at first but as usual, during those mindless rounds you do on your phone you end up reading anyway. In any case, Love others, isn't really on my list right now. All hail the Self-love campaign.

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The prudent writer and her conversations with great Ghanaian women writers

The prudent blogger: That’s what I call myself these days. I am hoping it will be the last time. I started to blog in 2012 when I have tucked away in Turkey; away from family, friends, and newly single. There was a lot to see and a lot to think about and writing came easily to me. Yet there are many memories there that remain unwritten. I knew blogging had become been a hot thing for a time but i was hesitant to get on board. Partly because it mattered to me if I was going to be a horrible writer and how ready i was for the judgement I'd receive and partly because... well that’s what i am writing about today.

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