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These routine habits are awesome for first time entrepreneurs!

 Taking care of yourself as a first-time entrepreneur is so necessary. This is not to deny that there won’t, inevitably, be long hours and stressful days. But there are simple practices that help in making life much easier than it is. It is important to also acknowledge that while not all of us run our own businesses however the principal around taking care of yourself for entrepreneurs or anyone who constantly who serves in a position that demands that you make decisions under pressure, are pretty much the same.

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A thought : Living while you capture

I read a post by writer, Lyndsay Knowles titled, Living Being a part of the Writing process. And I couldn’t agree more. For one thing, I felt a tad bit better about lagging behind on writing. Because it certainly hasn’t been because I do not want to make time for writing when you are trying to live by your writing schedule.

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My journey with GTD just began!

I'm so excited about this new phase in my life! And what do writers do when excited? Yep! They write about it!
Now I may be late to the party, but productivity concept known as Getting Things Done, created by David Allen is a new addition to the life boat I've been mentally preparing for. This is because like everybody else who may be a GTD-er, now  I have come to the point of hard realization that I need to... come get my life!

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