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On blogging and why you should blog too

Blogging should definitely be on the list of this century’s greatest ideas and it’s still a great time to blog if you are thinking about it. 
For starters, writing is still as relevant as it was years ago.  It has proven to be a great medium for real social change. There are a great number of personal blog posts that sparked globally important debates and some heavy crackdowns.

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A thought : Living while you capture

I read a post by writer, Lyndsay Knowles titled, Living Being a part of the Writing process. And I couldn’t agree more. For one thing, I felt a tad bit better about lagging behind on writing. Because it certainly hasn’t been because I do not want to make time for writing when you are trying to live by your writing schedule.

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The prudent writer and her conversations with great Ghanaian women writers

The prudent blogger: That’s what I call myself these days. I am hoping it will be the last time. I started to blog in 2012 when I have tucked away in Turkey; away from family, friends, and newly single. There was a lot to see and a lot to think about and writing came easily to me. Yet there are many memories there that remain unwritten. I knew blogging had become been a hot thing for a time but i was hesitant to get on board. Partly because it mattered to me if I was going to be a horrible writer and how ready i was for the judgement I'd receive and partly because... well that’s what i am writing about today.

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