These routine habits are awesome for first time entrepreneurs!


 Taking care of yourself as a first-time entrepreneur is so necessary. This is not to deny that there won’t, inevitably, be long hours and stressful days. But there are simple practices that help in making life much easier than it is. It is important to also acknowledge that while not all of us run our own businesses however the principal around taking care of yourself for entrepreneurs or anyone who constantly who serves in a position that demands that you make decisions under pressure, are pretty much the same.
So here are a few things i’ve learned from successful entrepreneurs who keep a kick-ass organized life as well as a stress-free life.

Keep a Calendar :  A lot of us are still yet to fully utilize our calendar properly. Calendar is so much more than checking what day it is. A well incorporated calendar into a busy life allows one to plan better. You can avoid overbooking your commitments as well as plan good breaks in between. Can you imagine knowing where you need to be and what appointments you have [even if, tentatively]  for an entire week? I have tried it and i can tell there is a certain sense of calm and precision that an organized calendar offers. Calendars are also great if you want to build a routine of sorts. There is a gift of knowing, somehow chronologically, what your activities are. You can explore ways to use your calendar here. 

Keep a todo list : I have a scatter brain. I know there is a gazillion things to do in a day. But writing at least 5 actions you need to attend to in a day is a great way to keep you focus. Focus is an essential for an entrepreneur and finding clarity for the day is neccerary for a successful day. 

Reading emails : If your work entails communicating via email or any type messaging application, it’s better to block time to attend to all emails at a time. Productivity experts recommend that this should not be done in the morning. This makes sense because we all know that bad emails that set you on a stressful mode for the most part. We most certainly would want to avoid that.

Saying no : I can’t write about this enough. I can stress enough how important it is to augment your stress levels by simply saying NO to unforeseen and unplanned requests. Don’t go if you don’t need to be there. Do schedule the meeting if adds too much on to your plate. If you it is a request that requires you to go over your planned budget, then also. It cannot be good for you. And this, i know, is hard. Commitments to family and loved ones stay stressful because its hard to say no. But i realize that once people start to see how planned your life is, they also learn to plan theirs. It’s never a bad thing to say No when it doesn’t work for you.

 I know and have learned from many entrepreneurs how easily it is to continuously change principles and values that govern your business. Nothing is ever clear cut and challenges sometimes dictate a difference in approach but at the core, you must remember that your mental wellness is so important to the success of your work. When you’re stressed the business is stressed.