#WinterABC 10 : The internet : affordability, accessibility and accountability


I’m not great at math, (My mind goes numb actually) but I know I spend about 20 dollars on mobile data very week. I checked. In a month that’s 80 dollars. And that’s just mobile phone credit or data. I know others who have installed broadband systems in their homes that cost three to four times that. So in a nutshell, no, data is not affordable in Africa as it is everywhere else in the world. I can mostly reference from Ghana and say perhaps there is still a lack of competition thus, telecommunication companies can afford to play God with data and our monies. 

Source : Quartz Africa

Source : Quartz Africa

The above post pretty much describes the current situation on the continent in terms of affordabilty and accessibility. To an extent, internet availability steadily grows as smart phone penetration increases, however in cosmopolitan cities, we still have a ways to go when it comes to the integration of internet in public spaces. You know, airports, malls, shopping centers, restaurants. I’m sorry as a remote freelance worker, i am salty about this. 

When it comes to accountability, I have no answers, who are teclos accountable to? What power do the consumers have over this area?