#WinterABC 11: A letter from Home

There’s something about this post that made me terribly sad. Like most of us, who have had a reason to be away home, it can be a lonely place. Back then, instant messaging wasn’t as popular and it was still harder to connect with family back home. The few times, my mother would reach me felt like a warm hug or a reassuring smile. In that time, every joke, every meal, every fight, meant more than it had ever done.

So if I need to hear from home, it would go something like this:

Hi, Maame,  how are you people over there? i hope you’re enjoying it oo

We’ve missed you. Last Sunday, Auntie Yaa ‘Taa came to visit. She brought some old photos of you. We all couldn’t help but laugh.

You still have the confused face we talk about all the time. We are so proud of you, i know it’s hard being away from home like this. We can’t stop talking about all those hilarious stories you used to share when you get back from work. The ‘trotro diaries’. Your sisters were debating on who really is the funniest and we all took a unanimous decision that it was you. Remember that one story about the taxi driver who refused to pick you up because he was following a wedding train to God knows where? 

Anyway, everyone is alright. As much one could possibly be given the stress here. But you know us. The other day, we took the radio to the rooftop and played some tuku music while we ate  a big bowl of salad. I was retelling that story about the preacher who almost drowned a church member he  was baptizing. Your sister almost choked herself with laughter. It was a good moment considering, your sister is getting ready for the final exam. Her heart is set on studying abroad. I’m not sure how i am going tomanage that but i am trusting for the best outcome. 

No matter what, we find strength in God and in each other.  So don’t you forget it. That wherever you go, you are protected and loved by God, unconditionally. You are never alone, so don’t act like it. You know your mother, i’m not one to dwell on any kind of bad feeling. 

So call us soon when you have the time.Your father says hello too. He’s snoring so loudly, all the mosquitoes have been kept at bay.