#WinterABC 13: Blogging in Africa (Ghana)



We are talking about everything in our blogs and I love it!

Music, Sex, Women, Men, Love, Money.

There’s no doubt blogging in Africa has evolved over a period of time. HOWEVER. In my country I classify bloggers in two folds. The nasty, low down dirty, can’t find one dignified post without shaming someone or being crass or not having any point whatsoever. Oh wait, that’s called the tabloids. And then there are thoughtful, self-exploratory, thought-provoking, insightful bloggers who are courageous in their writing.  In Ghana, there are well established blogging hubs that are dedicated to helping young bloggers connect and write better.  Check out BarCamp Ghana, if you have the time, or Blogging Ghana. 

I still can’t say for sure whether we have fully explored the impact it can bring to companies, our businesses and our brand. The possibilities are endless however. Blogs are significant in creating thought-leaders in whichever industry you may be in. It’s great for finding job opportunities, connecting and creating community. In Ghana i must say that bloggers like Kobby Graham,  Keni Kodjo, Oyoo Quartey and Jemila Abdulai, have done amazing work through simply starting a blog and writing relevant stories. 

I am excited to see where this will all go in a couple of years and it is my hope that I am right there with the best of them.