#WinterABC 24 : My views on racism and gay rights?

People demonize what they do not understand. People demonize what they want to control. People demonize what they’ve been told to demonize.

This is the way we operate.

When it comes to the african perspective on racism, i am going to go out on a limb to say we do not feel connected firstly to slavery and the painful othering of our brothers and sisters in the West. We were taught in schools the ‘benefits’ of the colonial master invading our land. Teaching us how to read, and write and… eat sugar. (Trust me, it’s in our social studies books). As a result, instead of seeing the stark disassociation from the best of ourselves, generated from the ideology that ‘white is superior’, we are aspire to what should be alien to us. This sentiment is now deep in the fabric of how we perceive ourselves today versus the white man. Ever seen the full display of white privilege in Ghana? I assure you, it is breath-taking.

Consequently, as much as we see the ugliness of the black experience in America, we are so disappointingly disconnected from it. I find that many continental blacks cannot fully appreciate this colossal damage that our ancestors actively participated in.

For me, even though i live in Ghana, racism isn’t an abstract concept. It’s pretty much what i feel on a daily basis as a woman being dealt with unfairly by patriarchal limitations. I will however say, racism is still ever present, still deadly and still unbelievable to see in full display. The world is witnessing it. Police brutality, racial profiling. It’s a scary time.

i do not believe racist people change, i do believe that by empowering ourselves mentally and financially, we can level the power play.

On gay rights, it’s pretty simple. Love is love. Gay people deserve to feel safe. They have a right to demand it. We cannot continue to define people by their sexuality and reduce them to what our narrow-mindedness dictates to us. You may not understand people of the LGBTQ+ community, you may not even like them, but are they deserving of respect? Hell yes.

We need to be free to love who we love. That is all.