#WinterABC 3 : Show me the money!


Since I am truly only driven, by all the things I love, i find that there are quite a number of things I would do for no pay. Of course the better outlook IS to be paid for doing those things. But oh well.

Music, my very first love
. The first time I held  my mother’s purple brush about the age 5, in front of a bathroom mirror i could barely reach, I wanted to sing. I love music, thanks to my father who grew us up on a lot of world music from the 70s and 80s. My siblings and I were listening to music from the Caribbean, South America, Southern Africa, a ton of jazz, rock and blues. He had these big records he kept jealously and was quite fond of having friends over for his small parties. Whether we knew what was playing or not, we loved the sounds, that whether he was playing Mango Grove from South Africa or Sex Appeal from Latin America, the sounds filled our hearts. Check me out doing my shenanigans here

Needless to say the first time i held a microphone was at church. My sister and I were asked to sing a thanksgiving song at church after my father had recovered from Pneumonia. Of course i didn't make it through the song because I was so teary and happy he was feeling better. He nearly died from that. But also it was the first time I had heard the sound of my own voice in a microphone and I absolutely loved it! Later on I would go on to sing in high school quite often. I had two other friends I would write songs with. Corny and eye-rolling-worthy but I knew it was the one thing i enjoyed doing to cope with school pressure.  I have always wondered why i didn’t take it up professionally. I think it had more to do with my family and the general conception that music isn’t a viable or sustainable career around these parts. (Boy were they wrong). I believed it. Still music, writing or singing it gives me so much joy. I can totally see myself singing at weddings and parties of loved ones for no fee at all.  Compliments will suffice, thank you very much.

Editing a good story will never not be fun! That’s another thing that I would do for free. Firstly, I love a good story. And what’s better than that? Editing a great story is even more exciting because it springs in you so many possibilities. I think this really connects with my love for writing, and helping others bring creative ideas to life.   The fun part is really about reading into the minds and hearts of people; in a sense understanding the things that resonate through the stories told. Editing that will be my way of giving back my best to those stories 

me and my girls on a podcasting day

me and my girls on a podcasting day

Why just talk when you can podcast. I think podcasting (which is something I already do) is another thing I would do without pay. Why? Well, that’s easy, I love talking. I love a good thoughtful conversation that inspires laughter, bonds and possible some action. 

When I stated the Grey Podcast, it was for therapy purposes. I figured that if I talked to other women like myself I would find healing. And to a significant extent, ( only because I have more conversations I need to have). 

I guess it’s easy to tell that storytelling is at the crux of all I do really. We are not made in a vacuum, and this in itself makes us remarkable. For me, that is fascinating. Provided I have food and shelter, I could do these things all day.