#WinterABC 6 : Why I started blogging


It was an escape. Nothing more. I’ve always lived AND had more fun living in my head.

The conversations and images that played  in my head seemed more vivid, more real, even preferable.  I used to talk to myself all the time. (i am not crazy)

There was once a time where I and my mother just couldn’t see eye to eye. And I felt like I couldn’t talk to her; that there was a disconnect that I needed to bridge.

I would internalize the pain and the sense of misunderstanding that swelled up every time we found ourselves at odds with each other.

Blame adolescence or just me scribbling  on pieces of papers, so I could stop crying, I wrote her letter. I told her I understood she meant well. I understood that she loved me. I told her I wish she would speak to me more kindly when she thought I had done something wrong. ( African Mothers don’t play that though )


The letter went on for a page and half. I folded it neatly and left it on her bed for when she came home. I felt so grown up. I recall how light it felt to write all that. It made me feel I had purpose, together with a solution that would make us both better.

I poured my heart onto that letter. I believed in it. And I think when my mother came home that night, she believed in it too.

After that bonding moment, I couldn’t stop writing. Reading the Hardy Boys, Sweet  Valley and Nancy Drew at young age didn’t help either. Soon I was writing a 8 chapter mystery. I was writing non-stop at my fathers old windows desktop. There’s something sizzling about watching visions in your head come together on paper. Once I caught on that, I never lost the buzz.

So it goes without saying that when blogging first came on the scene, It was only natural that I start one.  Like most people, it started out as personal journaling. Existential thoughts about life as it were. Since then my blog has been through many transitions and continues to do. Blogging about work, feminism, and digital marketing takes up most of my blogging space. I do tend to dabble in fiction (my favorite type of writing if i am being honest) from time to time. I foresee that being who i am, my blogging material will always differ as i evolve and grow.

But at the core, until buzz goes away, I will keep on writing, for myself and for others.