#WinterABC 8 : Technology, a blessing or a curse

Photo : Brian Fetger

Photo : Brian Fetger

Why does feel like a debate question? How I hated those debates back in school


I mean by all indications, technology has been more of a blessing than a curse. It’s pretty obvious why.  Of course it doesn’t mean there aren’t down sides but we would rather have it than not. 

For starters, being able to communicate with anyone through multiple media streams is absolutely transformational. One of the best things tech has given us. 

I remember back in the day, when I was younger, my mother and grandmother could communicate with family overseas, by recording over cassettes, which would sent by courier. Sometimes it would take months before they got them. Now we don’t just email, we instant message anyone in any part of the world at any time. 

Instant messaging and social media platforms, while preying in our vanity and our need to share, has opened tons of opportunities and individuals in so many diverse ways. 

Today, any person can start a project, a business, a community with the cheapest form of advertisement and the ability to make significant impact. 

For me, I’ve connected with so many different people, built valuable relationships, personally and professionally with a click of a button. 

 Then there’s also the fact that literally anything can be done faster and smarter through the use of technology. From Security systems to work management software, anything is possible. It’s all there. How could it be a curse ? 

I mean I know it has it’s dark side.  The violation of privacy ( I know it’s serious) as well as its influence on culture today. That’s a nuanced conversation to have. It’s a fact. We aren’t who we are anymore. Technology makes us more isolated than anything ever invented. We are also dealing with a lot of racial and sexual and genderdised prejudice that rears it’s ugly head too often. 

But when all is said and done, tech is solving real problems, changing the way we live, streamlining our dreams and aspirations  in an efficient way. It’s just going to be one of those things, we take in with it’s baggage.