#WinterABC 9 : A class on blogging & the internet


Hey y’all! My name is Miss Owusu-Nyantakyi and I will be your temp teacher for the rest of the day. Your class teacher, Miss Kasakasa, had a bad case of the heebigeebies as a result of the poor performance of your english exam yesterday. I simply had to step in while she gets better today.

So! In today’s class we will be taking about blogging and the internet.

Who wants to go first?Anybody know anything about the internet?

Kwasi : The internet is where we see everything, know everyone and find anything. The great world wide web. 

Miss Owusu-Nyantakyi : Well, that’s one way to put it. Picture it as one big box computer filled with a ton of information and communication. Intertwined with other things like the big box computer. We will call those networks. They are all mixed up but somehow comply with rules and polices to give us the information and communication we need. Because of the internet I can find out how the tasmanian devil  in Australia acquired its name or why it has two frontal large incisors. 

Not that any of this information matters. I believe in Sherlock Holmes’ mantra. Only fill your brain space with knowledge that matter. 

Anyway! Now that we kinda know what the internet is. why does it matter when we talk about blogging? What’s a blog

Ama : Any online platform that is frequently updated with new information or content. 

Miss Owusu-Nyantakyi : You got that right! It’s pretty much like watching your favorite show on television. Everyday there is a new episode. So essentially it’s serializing your website with  new things everyday. For example, this blogging challenge means i update my website or blog, with a new piece of writing everyday. And anyone who checks my website frequently should be able to see this new material. 

Blogging takes different forms and people with varied interests blog about different things. For example there are lifestyle bloggers who essentially, share ideas, or talk about or showcase lifestyle content which can range from beauty to fashion to hair or health topics. There are writer bloggers like me who essentially write speicific interests. In my case, that would be culture, feminism, writing about writing, film review and the like. 

Any of you own a blog? 

Yaw :  I do. I essentially consider myself a vlogger. i create video content around cars. I love cars. So you can find reviews of my favorite cars on my YouTube channels 

Miss Owusu-Nyantakyi : Glad you brought that up! Like i mentioned earlier there are all kinds of bloggers and you have free room to choose what you’d like to update on. Yaw is a vlogger, and that means he is essentially a blogger who creates video-content for this viewers. The great thing is that anyone can do this and there several platforms to do this, whether intensely or casually.

Take Twitter for instance, this social media platform is a micro-blogging platform that allows anyone who is registered to blog about anything under 289 characters. That’s another type of blogging right there

Now the reason, blogging and the internet go hand-in-hand is that blogging applications like Wordpress, e-blogger, or any other blogging application, it must be done using the internet so it’s accessible to everyone. You write a piece and with a click of a button, you can share it with millions of people. How cool is that?

Now I want you to read on the steps of setting up a blog here, we’ll try writing one in our next class. That is if Miss Kasakasa doesn’t get better.

Now shoo!