#WinterABC 12 : The Africa you never read about

palm trees in Keta, Volta Region

palm trees in Keta, Volta Region

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Now where was I?

I always find it a bit conflicting writing or counter-writing about the Africa perpetuated in the international media. Not because it’s an accurate picture of the circumstance on the ground. But that we had more control over the narrative.

The truth is that we do not. But this isn’t necessarily our fault. It’s just the typical after-effects of colonialism and letting our story be lead, twisted and repackaged for so long.

To be fair there are many things to change about my country. Ghana in this instance, has been plagued by corrupt leaders for so long, there’s a certain disconnect from the pride i should feel as an African.

But this post isn’t about that. 

This post is about the eager, creative young African entrepreneurs are coming together everyday to make a life for themselves.

This post is about  young millennial taking the time to explore, the ideate, to experiment and rediscover their own homelands for themselves.

This post is about the alternative afro-beat music brewing in heart of the continent; an emerging colorful vibe and identity expressed through music.

This post is about the African writers who gather, often to share ideas about the African they want to see.

This post is about fearless African women, who are advocating, commandeering the difficult conversations that need to be had so women can truly be free.

This post is about the workspaces that are changing the face of work culture in Africa.

This post is about girl trips, sunday beer  and walks on the Elmnia coast. This post is about the Africa you don’t hear about often