#WinterABC 1 Introduction (Your commitment to the challenge)


Hey guys! So how about it? Welcome to the Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge which also happens to be my birth month! Yes I still think I am a little crazy for deciding to join the challenge. But the truth is I know my future self will be so proud of me doing this. To be honest, I’ve been  running a dry well for a while now, when it comes to blogging because, well.. life gets in the way. Working as a digital marketer and a writer for hire means I am always writing something regardless. You see me, you see my laptop. However, that leaves me little room for blogging which is something I absolutely love.

I commit to enjoying the process. Because that’s what writing usually is. A process

What they don’t tell you is that even the things you love take work, discipline and consistency. Yes. blogging too. So even though, I am doing a million things( client work), i decided to get on the Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge as a writing workout for the month of June! Help me tear my hair out!

For me, this isn’t only about writing for fun but also to build a better writing habit. As a writer, there’s always a threshold you need to break through; Moving from writing that is inspired by sheer motivation to writing even when you don’t feel like it. You know, the Stephen King, Daniel Steele kind-of writing.

I am committed to or rather I hope to make it through this challenge because I have bigger plans for my writing.  I know and believe it takes workouts like these to achieve that kind of goal. Also every November without fail, i tell myself without fail, that I am to do the November Nanowriting competition, which is on a global scale. And every year without fail, I fail to even start. (Can you tell I  am getting comfortable with the word failure?).  I am learning to be kinder to myself with plans that do not always pan out. What I am afraid of is NOT trying.

So here’s my commitment to this wiriting challenge.

  1. I commit to keep the bigger picture in mind with regards who I aim to be as an accomplished writer

  2. I commit to keeping a positive mindset even on days I want to say fuck it!

  3. I commit to enjoying the process. Because that’s what writing usually is. A process

  4. I commit to weighing in honestly in my writing. Being truthful makes writing always easier.

  5. I commit to not expecting anything except  the gift of my own perseverance. This is for me.

So cheers to an exiting writing month!