World Mental Health Day : How available are we?


Hi everyone! I haven’t written anything  in a while and for that i apologize. But today is World Mental Health Day and I could not write about a more important day. As connected as we are, we cannot stress how important it is to find connection that makes impact. Everybody is a text away. We keep tabs on others through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram statuses and photos. Comments replace conversations and likes have become affirmations. Beneath it all, there are people looking for outlets that do not exist; To speak on experiences they are struggling to comprehend. How available are we? How much are we willing to learn and give back? Where do they go?

Mental health is concerned with the mind. While we constantly evolve and adapt to different social conditions and circumstances, our mental strength largely dictates how best we manage that change. There has never been a better time to find ways that makes working conditions, quality of life, living conditions, lifestyles easier. When the people are happy the world is a better place. . 
I saw a tweet this morning that perfectly sums up what Mental Health is not and should serve as a conjecture if you are starting to learn .  Even more importantly, we must recognize mental health as an important and vital part of our overall wellbeing. It should not be downplayed or marginalized. It should be treated with the equal urgency.


Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 7.35.04 AM.png

In my country, we still struggle to accept that mental health first of all is a real thing, that is varies from mild to severe cases, and it is not a singular category that fits all. We still have horrible conditions under which mental health patients are placed. There are simply not enough therapy centers or clinics.  If you are fortunate to notice that a loved one is going through a difficult time or is ill, we need to be prepared to learn about it to be efficient in handling such situations.  We need to learn what we say or do not say in such circumstances so we can actually be of real help to its victims.
In the meantime, pick up a phone and call a longtime friend, physically move your body to that other person if you can and make conversation. Pay attention and pledge yourself to be there. 
 There is however great news for those who are looking for psychological professionals to talk to., you can follow Mental Health Advocacy for all the information you need on psychology resources and information in Ghana. 

Here's a picture I pulled from their page containing all the health facilities that have psychologists  on staff.



mental healths list.png

I hope this helps you and others!