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These morning routine hacks can get you ready for a productive day

I see you, July! It's a new month, people!

It's full of new hopes and new challenges! If you're like me, I am pretty sure you want to kick off the month feeling fine ma meh! But we all have busy days, I-want-to-stay-in-bed days, and I don’t-know-what-the-hell-i-am-doing-today days. Yet there are always things to do, people to see, places to go and responsibilities to see too. It can get crazy managing all our life commitments.

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5 non-negotiables of a 30-year-old

So, finally, 30 happened to me! Raise your glass to all the 87 borns out here! We’ve come far! In the coming weeks that led to my birthday on June 12th, I was ready to turn up and act the fool one last time to close out on the 20’s but it turned out to be a solemn one. Firstly, because it was a gloomy Monday and I had so much to do at the office and also because it was a Monday.

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Of Selfies and Self-worth

I sat by a beautiful girl at church several Sundays ago. Or rather she sat by me because she was considerably late. She had her hair nicely done, wavy, black and long. Her makeup highlighted in all the right places with not an eyebrow out of place. Her bright pink lipstick made the perfect pout. It was working, her look. Everyone was staring. Hell, I was staring, thinking to myself I’d like to ask her how she got those eyebrows looking like that.

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Why is self-promotion so hard? -Lessons from the remarkable "E"s

Is it possible to be surrounded by too much inspiration? That was certainly the experience of attending the International Women's Day Breakfast Meeting, organised by Google Ghana at the La Villa La Boutique on Wednesday 15th March.

The aim of the meet was to talk about better ways women can self-promote their accomplishments, their work, and worth.

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Here's a toast to women who rock!

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! This one is for yooooo!<insert Asem's voice> Today is all about the little girls,the market women, the entrepreneurs, the corporate ladies with the side hustle, the mothers, the wives, the single mothers, the lady bosses,the best friends, the sisters, the girlfriends,the students ,the doctors,the journalists, the surgeons, the fashionistas, the storytellers, the entertainers, the activists, the freedom fighters,the advocates, the glass-ceiling breakers. Since I can't write all the amazing roles we play, I'll just mention one more, the SIDE CHICKS!

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Lemon Water magic!

I've always liked lemons. Whether it’s the flavour of a sweet, deodorant or for cooking. But water? Not so much. But it's hard not to see the effect lack of water is having on my body. Not so great. So I think trying lemon water became more of a fun thing to do than really about its health benefits. I was hesitant, initially, because I thought it would be too acidic for me since I have been treated for ulcers in the past.

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Getting fit stress-free

So by this time, after my 40-day detoxifying challenge that me clinging on for dear life up to about 18 days, and my inconsistent work out routine, (Yes they seem to change almost every week, too much of this or too little of that), you know I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been stressing for nothing really.

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