#MiniBlog : The art of healing


When you experience a tragedy. Those closest to you do everything in their power to cheer you up. They keep you preoccupied, tell stories to make you laugh. Healing comes from many external sources.  But more importantly, it comes from within you. 

There is magic in feeling your way through your crisis. Coming to your own understanding and acceptance. Reevaluating the negativity and understanding that you are responsible for your own strength. Keeping the mind quiet is an accomplishment only you will experience.

It may require you to let the old go. It may be physically removing yourself from what's familiar.  It may be spending time remembering the old things and allowing the emotion of those memories wash over you for a time. It may require you being alone.

But never apologize for needing the space. Manage your expectations of what others will and can do for you. It isn't their fault. They do not walk in your shoes. Appreciate the best of what they give you. 

Ultimately, learn to trust your capacity to endure and grow. 

So don’t rush the process. Take all the time you need. Breaking down is to be expected. It does not mean you are weak. Only human. Let the healing take its course.